Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quotes from wise men

Maxwell said, “The agreement of the results seems to show that light and magnetism are affections of the same substance, and that light is an electromagnetic disturbance propagated through the field according to electromagnetic laws.” 

Also Maxwell, "We can scarcely avoid the inference that light consists in the transverse undulations of the same medium which is the cause of electric and magnetic phenomenon.”    Page 500 in James Clerk Maxwell scientific papers.

Newton said, "I do not know what this Aether is", but that if it consists of particles then they must be "exceedingly smaller than those of Air, or even than those of Light: The exceeding smallness of its Particles may contribute to the greatness of the force by which those Particles may recede from one another, and thereby make that Medium exceedingly more rare and elastick than Air"

Observing that his equations represented periodic electric currents at right angles to the direction of propagation of the disturbance, Lorentz suggested that all luminous vibrations might be constituted by electric currents and hence that there was “no longer any reason for maintaining the hypothesis of an aether, since we can admit that space contains sufficient ponderable matter to enable the disturbance to be propagated.” 
Einstein said, "This double nature of radiation (and of material corpuscles)...has been interpreted by quantum-mechanics in an ingenious and amazingly successful fashion. This interpretation...appears to me as only a temporary way out..."

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