Friday, July 8, 2011

How best to proceed?

What is the best way to test the idea that electromagnetic waves are using electrons as the medium for transmission?    Here are some ideas:

  1. One big question is if there really is enough matter in space to transmit the wave.   One way to test this is to simulate waves going through space using dipole approximation.  If waves can word at such low density of matter it would be big support for the electron waves theory.
  2. Put out prizes to see if anyone can come up with any experiment showing either magnetic or electric fields that are clearly not involving electrons.  This theory holds that all electromagnetic waves are propagated by electrons, so any experiment where this was not so would falsify this theory.
  3. Explore bursts of laser light going into vacuum.  There are experiments and papers on this.  Results do not seem to fit with this hypothesis. 
  4. Simulate atoms and see if we can get a very directional wave that fits photon experiments as well as wave experiments.
  5. Show that photons are really waves by making an experiment that takes off part of the energy at a time.  There are already experiments like this though.
  6. Try to do or find experiments that show that the maximum energy density that can be transmitted in a vacuum, without loss due to ionization, goes down with particle density. 

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