Monday, September 14, 2015

Black Holes Recycle Everything

My theory is that black holes collect matter, energy, and black holes till they get so large they can make a big bang.   This is how space recycles everything.    There could be many different big bangs and we have so far only seen far enough to detect the results of the closest one.

What I hate about modern physics

The Myans could count days till Venus would be a morning star or evening star, and so get a correct result, but they did not understand what was really going on.  

The epicycles theory of planet movements could get very accurate results, but it was far too complicated to think that was really how dumb planets figured out where to go.

Quantum is like the Myan calculations, it gets correct answers but does not really understand what is going on.  What is worse, the practitioners often insist that there is nothing deeper.

General Relativity is also far too complicated for a stupid photon to really do all that math billions of times a second to figure out where to go.  

Physics has sort of given up on having a real model of how things work and settled for just being able to calculate answers.   I hate this.

Gravity as result of electron cloud not exactly canceling protons due to motion

Even though the charge of the electrons equals the charge of the protons, the electrons are moving and so a bit different than the protons.     The gravitational force is like 40 orders of magnitude smaller than the charge so this might explain it.

Particles as Standing Waves

It seems that particles must be standing waves. 

It seems the eventual "grand unified field theory" will be a description that allows for standing waves making particles.  

Mater and anti-mater just mean the positive or negative side of the standing wave is outside.

Converting from particle to energy is just breaking the standing wave.

Relativistic effects like objects getting shorter or osculating slower as they move is a result of the particles being standing waves.

The quantization will come from which sizes can make standing waves.

If we can get this type of description we would then have a classical description of the atomic world and relativistic world and regular quantum and relativity would be obsolete.