Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Argued the idea and lost

I found a place where I could argue the idea but lost the argument.   There were over 100 posts.   To me the best arguments against this theory were that laser light entering a vacuum does not have enough electrons but does not in fact push any electrons from mater into the vacuum.  The other very convincing one is that a vacuum tube can have a positive plate to absorb electrons and yet still stay perfectly transparent.

I came up with a couple arguments that I like.  One was that relativity links electricity and magnetism so an electromagnetic wave does need moving electrons.     I also argued by looking at Maxwell's equations.  Some of these are talking about charges and currents and a light wave passes an atom so fast that only the electron could have any significant movement.   I may make a post on each of these.   Nobody bought either argument and they even had a good counterargument to the second, that some energy should be lost to the proton.  After it was all over it occurred to me that the electrons movement could cancel out the field from the view of the proton.  So it really could be that the proton was not moved.

One claim was that only whole photons are absorbed but this is not true.  You can get part of the energy from a photon and that just lowers the frequency of the photon.  This is in my list of experiments.

Anyway, it was an interesting debate for me.

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  1. Hello Vincent,

    Just wanted to let you know that I'm reading your debate on that bautforum with great interest!

    I'll comment more (here) as I get farther along.